Join us at the Playpost for a fun & interactive learning experience! -

We are a new and exciting children's role play centre based in Shotts, North Lanarkshire. Here at the Playpost, we focus on children's unique abilities, as well as the different roles they can adapt to as part of their growth and development.

Our specially curated equipment allows for children to not only explore their creativity, but also to discover new capabilities. Take a look at some of the role-play areas we offer!


We offer all children a great place to play in and really let their imagination run wild. Our Playpost is filled with many great things to keep your kids entertained and excited, our role play areas are built to allow kids to play with their imagination in areas such as the:

- We offer a unique supervised area for children under 2 years old.

- A place for children to play with table-top activities, interactive technologies, and arts & crafts.


Everyday at the Playpost, our staff help children grow through play.


Our team of qualified staff will always be on hand to help out in whatever way we can. We believe it is important to allow every child the chance to experience a real life simulation through discovery in their own unique and creative way.


Get to know our amazing staff and feel reassured that your little ones are in good hands at all times at the Playpost.